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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Simplifying Complex Forms 002

-In many his early compositions, and much of his own personal art Maurice used a more "naturalistic" approach to simplification. Though less stylized, he still still broke complex masses, such as trees and leaves, into simple design and pattern. He said; "Understanding growth patterns through observation is the first step to simplifying an object." 

Good examples of this can be found in design books such as "Line and Form"  (1900) by the brilliant English artist Walter Crane
Walter Crane wrote: "... we should want to dwell upon its typical character and form, the controlling lines of its masses, rather than its accidental aspects, because it would really be only with these that we could successfully deal in adapting anything in nature to the conditions and limitations of a design."

Supplement to pg. 97 of The Noble Approach 

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