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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Book review from Cartoon Brew!

Amid Amidi at Cartoon Brew discusses "The Noble Approach." You can read his thoughts HERE!

A Personal Note:
In this review Amid discusses Robert J. McKinnon's biography of Maurice "Stepping Into the Picture: Cartoon Designer Maurice Noble." He calls the biography "a failure." I can't agree. To an animation fan expecting lots of art and technique I can see how the book might be disappointing. In fact McKinnon tried to fill the book with art, but was essentially frustrated by Warner Bros. This is a book about Maurice's life. To those of us that knew him it's a gem. I've read the book several times. and despite whatever faults it may have; it's the closest thing I have to the memories of sitting down with Maurice and listening to his stories. Stories that very well may have been lost to the ages without McKinnon's text. -tod


  1. Tod - this is going to be so great! I can't wait to read it... Congrats x1000 - I know you have been working on this forever... (I can relate.) Tiny Naylor's chicken and honey packets on me! - CDM

  2. Thanks Chris! Looking forward to chicken and your book "Pacific Ocean Park!"

    You know Biff Naylor(Tiny's son)owns Du-par's.